Hawa Lassanah is a bright light in our community. She is the creator of the non-profit Deca City Farms whose mission is to create jobs, resolve the issues of food deserts in both urban and rural areas, and to provide everyone with the ability to experience fresh foods through food justice. There is love in food, especially when raised by one’s hands.

Join me as I talk with Hawa about her amazing journey with yoga, inner-city farming, her provisional creations (infused raw honey is where it’s at!!) AND we’re talking about her biggest life opportunity to date…The Great Social Enterprise Pitch. Hawa is representing DECA City Farms as part of the top ten cohorts of 2021! The pitch takes place live on April 16th and we’re getting the deets!

DECA = Discerning Eye Community Agriculture

Join me as we connect and chat with Hawa Lassanah!

Learn more about DECA City Farming here- www.backyardfarmingcoop.com

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