Music For Everyone is not only a viable, equitable, concept it’s also a program based in Lancaster County. You may have pounded on some piano keys in the summer while hanging downtown, those pianos were provided by Music For Everyone. But what you may not know is that for over 10 years this wonderful program has evolved, especially during the pandemic, and school shifts. 

Join me as I talk Dr. Michael Jamanis- Director of Music For Everyone’s “In the Schools” program, and Matthew Woodson- Director of Community Percussion! Two very talented and influential musicians in Lancaster. 

We’ll explore the MFE programs, their impact on our community, and how YOU can help! I’m curious about their journey as musicians and what the future holds for music and the MFE program. What does it feel like to play drums while strapped into the bed of a flatbed truck?! Music is life, and we’re bringing it to the masses!

Join me as we connect and chat with Dr. Jamanis and Mr. Woodson! 

Learn more about MFE here –


Do you know those making an impact in your neighborhood? 

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We’ll be diving deep into their story, what fuels them, and how they help our community.

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