When you google search the name “Loryn Spangler Jones” the first words that pop up are: Art. Passion. Purpose. As an artist myself, I am all too familiar with how these words can flow in and out of our lives. Sometimes we need art more than we realize. Art can heal. It can be our visual storyteller when we can’t find the words. Loryn is a mixed medium artist and Lancaster resident of over 20 years. Last April she was one of ten selected artists to convey critical messaging related to COVID-19 by way of murals. Loryn believes in giving back to her community and we’ll talk about how her workshops do just that. 

We’ll also talk about her journey: operating LSJ Studios off of gallery row, surviving life’s challenges and finding ourselves, and how to continue creating in the face of adversity with resilience and strength. How does she stay true to her authentic self even when it’s being silenced? What happens to an artist when they take time off? Where does that art energy go?

Join me as we connect and chat with Loryn! 

Learn more about Loryn and her incredible art visit here: lsjmixedmedia.com

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