We’re kicking off 2021 with a bang! For episode 10 we’re talking with a goddess, humanitarian, boss babe: Timbrel Chyatee, owner of Lush Bazaar a successful socially-conscious fashion brand. She also created The Cultured Workshop, which is a creative and educational platform that educates individuals about culture and community. She’s a TEDx speaker and also a prominent public speaker. She speaks on topics such as women empowerment, women in leadership, entrepreneurship, culture, and traditions. She’s active in her community, both in her hometown in America and her birth-town in India.

We’ll talk about her journey: first-generation Indian living in America and how she educates and helps others to have an understanding of various cultures, her mindset while literally being stuck in her homeland for 6 months during the height of the pandemic, opening her new store’s location, and how she juggles it all with grace, kindness, and love. 

Join me as we connect and chat with Timbrel! 

To learn more about Timbrel and her store visit here – Timbrelchyatee.com

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