A snippet from the article by Jimmy Pianka about The Candy Factory’s 1st year.  See LancasterOnline.com for the entire article.
Staff Writer
“There’s a new type of office on North Queen Street, and it’s flourishing.
The Candy Factory began with 15 designers, writers and small business owners looking for a communal space to work.
Now, one year later, the former Keppel candy plant has blossomed into a community of 40 professionals working alongside — and often with — one another on projects as diverse as videography, marketing, computer programming and talent recruitment.
The Candy Factory’s lofty, warehouse-like expanse provides members with a creative environment where they can be productive in the company of like-minded others.
“It’s all about the community,”  said Anne Kirby, The Candy Factory’s founder. “It’s about coming and being open, social and collaborative.”

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