John Kreider of Gate 37B has recently become an official SquareHolder Sponsor of The Candy Factory! By becoming a SquareHolder, John is helping to support our thriving coworking community as we flourish and grow.

Although most of John’s clients have remained outside of the Lancaster area, John saw great opportunity in becoming a member at The Candy Factory to continue networking in Lancaster.

John has grown up in Lancaster and has worked at several notable agencies throughout his career. “I have seen how Lancaster has evolved in the last 20 years,” John says. “Lancaster is my home and the city is a truly great place to work.” He describes Lancaster county as “the modern day Norman Rockwell,” as the great social environment—from restaurants, to cultural offerings, to the entrepreneurial startup vibe—has truly caused the city to unfold in a beautiful way.

Gate 37B is a branding and marketing shop which empowers others to connect with their passion and to find their bliss. “We focus on product branding within multiple categories,” John explains. Gate 37B works with brands to uncover the essence of their identity, and to tell a story which resonates and creates results for their marketed customers.

We appreciate John Kreider as a member and are thankful for the support from Gate 37B!