Jen Reiner, who runs Align, has officially become a Community SquareHolder Sponsor!

Align is a human-centered strategy company led by Jen Reiner. When Jen first visited the Candy Factory, her business didn’t have any clients yet, aside from some specialized training she was facilitating.  She credits the Candy Factory with enabling her to meet Align’s first client, as well as other clients, terrific friends and collaborators.  Making connections isn’t just a social activity for Jen, it’s how her brain works.  She’s made a business out of connecting ideas and making sense out of complex challenges.  After eleven years in the higher-ed startup Harrisburg University, and a short stint as director of innovation and transformation for the Commonwealth of PA, Jen’s grown to thrive in the ambiguity and complexity of dynamic organizations.

Align grew out of Jen’s passion for building anything new (she once built a couch!), helping people realize their potential (like she was doing in the field of continuing education), and working on challenging problems.  It’s no surprise her business offers a unique approach, which she refers to as human-centered strategy.  “To be human-centered” says Jen, “means that you approach problem-solving by examining the situation through the perspective of individuals at the front line.”  “A good strategy taps into the team’s strengths and motivations, and is born from a place of creativity as well as analysis” she says.  To help entrepreneurs see the ‘big picture’ and grow their business, she’s developed a planning tool called the Business Model Blueprint.  This helps owners be objective and introspective about how their business could do things differently in order to grow and offer compelling products that wow customers.

She continues to use training as a way of empowering and connecting people by hosting a monthly “Strategy Studio” through The Candy Factory’s Brain Candy series.  ‘I ‘feel the love’ when I’m at The Candy Factory connecting with other entrepreneurs,” says Jen.  “I’m fascinated to learn as much as possible about how their business works, so people sense a sincere and intense curiosity.”   Reach Jen at, or @AlignInnovations on Twitter.

Thanks so much for becoming a Community SquareHolder, Jen!


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