We love our little munchkins, but we also understand the struggle all parents feel trying to juggle work and childcare. Sometimes you need a place to get work done, meet with a client, network, or just take a deep breath. That is why we are excited to announce Jelly Bellies, a supervised play facility located at The Candy Factory coming in 2019.

Our Play Area
Working closely with parents, teachers, and designers on space design and programs, our play area will not only be fun for our kids but a place to explore creative play, be inspired and grow. The flex space will allow for workshops and classes including yoga for kids, art classes, music classes and more. The center will be located on our first floor allowing our members to use all six floors of our building without disruption. There will be a handful of meeting/phone rooms across from the center so parents don’t need to travel far in the building if they choose not to.

How It Works
Members will be able to drop their children off at the center for up to 2 hours at a time, and a total of 6 hours a week. Parents must stay in the building while their child is in the center. This is a great supplement to traditional daycare centers or for stay home working parents who need to have a meeting or take a conference call. The center will also be open for networking events and evening events so parents can attend while the children are entertained.  Pricing, age and schedule details coming soon. 

The community is at our core! With scheduled events, workshops and social gatherings we will provide opportunities for parents to connect with other professionals while also providing fun activities for our families.

Our Mission
Provide a fun, safe place for kids to enjoy while their parents get work done, socialize or take a break.  Our goal is to educate and inspire our members and their families while providing a creative environment for growth.

Visit our Jelly Bellies Page Get on the list, and we’ll keep you posted on our progress. 

This project is in part supported by WestWorks a 501c3 whose mission is to provide a fun, creative space that promotes collaboration, art education, and community engagement while supporting entrepreneurship, especially among women.

WestWorks will be offering ten scholarships a year to deserving women looking to start or grow their business. More details are coming soon, so stay tuned.

We work hard to make our space affordable. Jelly Bellies will be open to members for a small hourly fee. Membership to The Candy Factory starts at $50/month. Learn more about memberships and perks here. 

We can’t wait to roll out this new project and to welcome you and your kids into our space.