• Toilet Paper Tube
  • Twine or Ribbon
  • Festive Tissue Paper
  • Valentine’s Stickers
  • Small candies or Toys (the filling)

Valentines Day Treat Poppers



 February is already well underway and that means Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Don’t stress if your child needs to bring something to share with their class! Jelly Bellies has a fun suggestion for you and your little one to make something unique and simple. This year instead of the traditional store-bought Valentine’s Day Cards try this upcycled creation from You only need a few supplies, most of which you may already have at home. These Valentines Day Treat Poppers are sure to bring a smile to classmates, teachers, friends and loved ones alike.

How To:

1. Fold and cut a piece of tissue paper to be about 10″ long. Place the toilet paper tube towards the bottom of the sheet and make sure it is centered. Secure with a piece of tape. (Cut the tube in half vertically to make it easier for younger ones to “pop”)

2. Roll the toilet paper tube up in the tissue paper so that all of it is completely covered. Secure with a small piece of tape

3. Twist the excess tissue paper at one end and tie with a ribbon

4. Fill the tube with whatever little treats your heart desires and tie off the other end.

5. Decorate the outside with stickers or heart-shaped cut-outs. 

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