As businesses give their employees flexibility and the ability to continue working remotely, most still see the value of in-person collaboration and/or change of scenery for those who can’t work from home as effectively.

Good job REI for still providing its team the opportunity to safely connect in-person when needed as they look to sell their corporate headquarters.

If you’re looking at options for your remote team, consider adding coworking to your list of benefits. It’s a great way to offer flexibility and an outlet as we move forward. There most likely is a great coworking community close to where your employees live.

Anne Kirby – Founding Member & Community Manager at The Candy Factory

Per Retail Wire “Rather than a single location, REI’s “headquarters” would span multiple locations across the region, and the company will lean into remote working as an engrained, supported, and normalized model for headquarters employees, offering flexibility for more employees to live and work outside of the Puget Sound region and shrinking the co-op’s carbon footprint.”

“REI so far has plans for three satellite locations in the Seattle area to provide space for in-person collaboration.”