Our coworking family began its’ journey 9 years ago with the creation of The Creative House of Lancaster. We didn’t have a building but we had a vision for helping to redefine the concept of building connections. We believed in taking creative and innovative leaps to engage the local business community and we looked to support local talent, promote collaboration, community outreach and teamwork.

Our mission was not space; rather, it was people. A space came out of a need and The Candy Factory was opened in 2010. Six years later our focus remains the same: put people and community first and the rest will evolve naturally. The addition of new space is not what is important, the growth of our community is. That is why we’re excited to announce that we are adding space so our community has the room it needs to continue growing. We’ve shaped our space based off our community’s needs, they are the driving force and we are so grateful for their support as we continue to grow.

Our goal is to connect more people, businesses and community organizations while saving people from isolation. We work hard to make an impact in the lives of our members but also within our Lancaster community and beyond.

While the addition of extra resources and space is wonderful, knowing that we will now have more room for our community to grow is what we’re truly excited about. Join us as we grow together.

We will remain open during construction, and our estimated completion date is early 2017.

New Members are so very welcome! Any member who signs up before we open the upper floors will be grandfathered into our current membership structure. Membership dues will go up slightly in the New Year. If you’ve been thinking about becoming part of our community now is a great time! If you want to wait until January to join but would like to receive the lower pricing. Just sign up now and start in January. Nice and easy!
Welcome to coworking in Lancaster – The Candy Factory, a thriving community.

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