Arianna – Community Facilitator, and believer in good vibes!

Have you ever walked into a space and instantly felt relaxed? Felt the excitement in the air at an amusement park or a concert? Felt the heaviness of a somber historical site?

I’m a big believer in “vibes”, and in my opinion, everyone and everything has one. When I first set foot into the main hall of The Candy Factory, there was a definite vibe. The energy here is palpable. It’s alive and thriving.

Even with the dark cloud of COVID hanging over our heads, you can still feel the indomitable spirit of possibility that courses through the veins of this building. If I lost you a bit with my metaphysical musings bear with me. There are actual cold hard facts that could explain this “phenomenon”. 

1. Community
First and foremost is the undeniable sense of community that you notice after spending almost any length of time within these walls. As social creatures, this sense of belonging is something we strive for. Having this many positive and motivated people in one place, it’s hard not to feel at home or to find inspiration. Collaboration has been key since the dawn of civilization.

Throughout history, there have always been spaces for people to gather and share ideas. Great writers, artists, scientists, and thinkers have all relied on a network of other talented individuals to help them grow to reach their full potential. Much like the salons of France’s age of enlightenment, the legacy lives on through our modern-day coworking space and it’s open-door policy.

2. Environment – Green Space
The ample greenery throughout the space is another boost to the vibes here. Plants have been shown in multiple studies to positively impact the health and overall well being of humans. Not only do they improve mood and cognitive health, but they also have been shown to reduce stress and other negative psychological manifestations. They are valuable for more than just their aesthetic beauty, although that does not go unappreciated.

3. Environment – The Space from light, to workstations, non-traditional furnishings
Lastly, the space itself and how it has been set up makes a bigger difference than one might immediately think. The large windows we are very fortunate to have on every floor allow for plenty of natural light. As is the case with the plants, this tether to the natural world uplifts mood, alertness, and as a result, productivity.

The variety of workspaces and cozy furnishings mean you’re never confined to the trappings of a traditional office set up. Not only is this better for your back, but again your overall well-being.

Long story short when you feel better you work better. Here at The Candy Factory, you are sure to reap the benefits of all those good vibes!

So next time you stop in be sure to take a moment to just sit and soak them all up. Despite what 2020 may have put us all through, we’re still good vibes only! 🌞 🌞

“I’ve always loved the vibe and the people at The Candy Factory!  And having to be away during the shelter at home period made me realize just how special it is.  So glad to be back!”

Mark S. - Member since 2016

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The Candy Factory—a coworking space established in 2010—is located in the heart of downtown Lancaster, PA.

What Do We Do?
Coworking and shared professional workspaces help promote business growth, creative thinking, shared brilliance, and collaboration through an affordable office solution. The open space concept we provide offers many advantages, from networking and collaboration opportunities, to easily accessible and shared resources. Both locations are perfect for small businesses, freelancers, remote workers, nonprofits, and other community members/groups from various professional backgrounds.

Our Mission
Our mission is to foster our community and help spur the growth of small businesses in and around Lancaster City by offering the resources and support needed to encourage that growth.

We think outside of the traditional office space:
We Share, We Gather, We Imagine, We Create, We Thrive, We COWORK!