The Candy Factory Collective is proud to present Getting Noticed with Justin Quinn. In this episode, Justin discusses all the recent developments in the world of social media and how it might impact social media marketing and advertising in 2021.

Whether it’s Facebook’s battle with Apple or the crackdown on hate speech, 2021 is shaping up to be a volatile year for social media. With all the controversy, restrictions, and uncertainty, what can businesses expect and how should they respond? Justin will help you navigate the current social media landscape and get noticed.

Hi. I’m Justin Quinn, owner of the content marketing company, Headline Consultants, and digital marketing instructor at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design (PCA&D). Join me every first and third Wednesday, as I discuss important topics related to digital marketing and provide practical tips on how to build your online presence in a way that helps expand your market so you can find new customers or clients.


The Candy Factory Collective

Getting Noticed is produced by The Candy Factory Collective at the Candy Factory Coworking Campus in Lancaster, PA. Production support by Jason Mundok and Anna Tran. Administrative support by Anne Kirby, Arianna Henderson, and Krisha Martzall.