The Candy Factory Collective is proud to present Getting Noticed with Justin Quinn. In this episode, Justin talks everything email marketing: why you should do it, what types to send, and the best ways to measure success. It’s easy to overlook the importance of email. After all, it’s everywhere and it can easily become overwhelming … and yet, when it’s done well, email can be one of the most lucrative aspects of your marketing efforts. So, how do you cut through the noise? What strategies can you use to make sure your emails get noticed? What’s the best way for businesses to use email marketing? When is the best time to send emails? All good questions! And this week, we’ll have the answers! So, kick back, tune in, and open your mind to the endless possibilities that email marketing provides.

Hi. I’m Justin Quinn, owner of the content marketing company, Headline Consultants, and digital marketing instructor at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design (PCA&D). Join me every first and third Wednesday, as I discuss important topics related to digital marketing and provide practical tips on how to build your online presence in a way that helps expand your market so you can find new customers or clients.


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