DSC_5509“Went to the Titanic wreck and created five documentaries for the Discovery Channel,” started Stephen Ulrich, Owner of My Digital Conversion and Executive Producer and Lead Editor for Wilkum Studios. Steve met to discuss his role within our coworking community and his interest as a documentary, production and digitizing professional.
“Being at sea for 6 weeks, surviving a tropical storm and a hurricane, that was the biggest adventure of my professional career,” continued Steve.
Steve has worked in documentary and television production since 1995. While serving the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, The Learning Channel, NBC and PBS, Steve developed a true craft for shooting and digital post-production.
After years with Pittsburgh’s WQED and West Coast-based underwater natural history production companies, Steve moved back to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. “Wilkum Studios came out of necessity,” started Steve. “I moved back to Lancaster to start a family. I adapted to the local film market and started shooting locally.”
A full-service production company, Wilkum Studios showcased the highest quality of videography and digital production. From short-form commercial and promotional videos to hour-long documentary series, Stephen Ulrich and Wilkum Studios devotes a sincere dedication to quality film-making and digital services. Wilkum Studios has worked with a variety of nonprofits, small businesses and international manufacturers.
Using modern broadcast quality hardware, My Digital Conversion preserves timeless films, photos and audio and converts them to digital DVD, CD, Blu-Ray, hard drive or web. “My Digital Conversion treats each customer personally with respect to privacy — customers are not treated as a bar-code number,” said Steve. ALL media is converted in-house. Priceless customer media is never shipped out to another company like other “local” businesses do.
“It was important to have a business within an established downtown location and really, you can’t beat the price,” said Steve. “The benefit of getting out of my home office is beyond measure and my life-work balance has definitely been a positive result of working full time at The Candy Factory and Warehouse D.”
Please visit Wilkum Studios and My Digital Conversion for more information.