The Candy Factory is pleased to featured Matthew Lester during this month’s member’s profile. A commercial university and healthcare photographer, Matthew met to discuss his work and the benefits of working within the coworking environment.
“Photography is a really competitive market,” admitted Matthew. “There’s so many photographers out there. You really have to find one specific market and niche to be a successful photographer. It’s difficult to be a generalist.”
Matthew found that alcove in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
“There are so many universities and healthcare providers in the area, it seemed like an appropriate niche to focus on,” said Matthew.
Today, his clientele ranges across the country. “This fall, I’m down in Texas for a few days. Next week, I’m out at the University of Cincinnati. Later this month, I’ll be in Los Angeles. At this point, 15-20% of my clients are based in the northeast. Most of the colleges, universities and health service providers I work with are down south or out west,” said Matthew.
Matthew’s passion for photography stems from a interest in photojournalism. “I worked at a newspaper for awhile and then went freelance. I worked with a design agency and a number of their clients were universities or hospitals. I wanted to bring my experience as a photojournalist to my commercial photography,” said Matthew. His images are used for various marketing materials such as view books, admissions, websites and alumni information.
“My lighting is fairly minimalist,” continued Matthew. “I try to capture moments using documentary-style. This approach translates really well into this line of work.”
Matthew has been involved with The Candy Factory since its launch four years ago. “I really was interested in the idea of creative collaboration. I like the multidisciplinary approach to things. There’s designers and writers around to bounce ideas off of. There’s such a great mix of creatives. I’m really excited to see what Warehouse D brings to coworking in Lancaster,” concluded Matthew.
Matthew Lester Photography is available online at and on Facebook.