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Welcome to coLAB! We are a new startup Benefit Corporation founded in Lancaster, dedicated to supporting and guiding local Community Benefit Organizations (CBO’s) during all stages of development and mission execution.

Serving as an incubator for Community Benefit Organizations, coLAB elevates the operational and administrative efficiency of interested groups, entities and projects. We work with an entire range of CBO’s, varying in size, mission, operating budget and organizational life cycle.

With a Master’s in Nonprofit Management and exceptional and proven success within the sector, founder Kate Gallagher is well suited to provide individualized strategic support for your venture. With scalable resources typically employed by large organizations, coLAB is an affordable option for any sized budget, tailoring our approach to meet your vision, mission and goals.

In addition to the impactful services members will receive from coLAB – Strategic Planning, Program Auditing & Development and Continuous Strategic Support to name a few – members will have access to Warehouse D’s facilities and amenities. By centralizing our services within Warehouse D, coLAB will support and enhance the organizational and collaborative capabilities of mission-based organizations. We have created a community-driven workspace and will facilitate networking opportunities by organization and promoting meaningful and lasting relationships among members of our community and beyond.

“coLAB will support and grow organizations while promoting sustainability and collaborative partnerships,” saidKate. “Our hope is that coLAB members will partner not just with each other, but within Warehouse D and the community.”

We have created an ideal environment for creatives and professionals to foster thought leadership. We welcome CBO’s to join our group of likeminded individuals housed in our creative, innovative and inspiring space. We have options for folks to join part time, full time and everything in between.

According to Kate, “When you bring a range of organizations together, the discussion becomes more rich and valuable due to those unique perspectives.”

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ABOUT KATE: Throughout her fifteen-year career in the Community Benefit sector, Kate Gallagher has worked for children and women’s advocacy groups; health and wellness initiatives; underprivileged communities; and education. Kate has a deep understanding of and proven success in  the Community Benefit sector. Though a native of Lancaster, Kate has worked both in Washington, DC and Denver, Colorado, where she received a Master’s in Nonprofit Management from Regis University.

WHAT IS A BENEFIT CORPORATION:  A group which tailors to nonprofits that wish to consider society and the environment in addition to profit within their decisions making process. Benefit Corporations create a public benefit and positive impact on society and the community.

WHAT IS A COMMUNITY BENEFIT ORGANIZATION (CBO): Any organization, group or entity that provides a service that assists in creating, publicizing and celebrating the local community.

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Contact us below for more information on how we can help you and your organization!
If you are excited about collaborating and can’t wait to connect, please feel free to call our Founder, Kate Gallagher at 717.342.7752 or email her at kate@coLABlancaster.com

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