This week we feature yet another wonderful small business owner, Candy Factory Member, Irene Mouchlizis-Keller of Bookkeeping N Beyond LLC. Irene provides continual professional accounting services to the local community and beyond.  We had the pleasure of sitting with her this week to discuss her 6 years’ of experience as a bookkeeping and payroll expert and the benefits of working within our coworking space here in Lancaster.
“For me, if it wasn’t for The Candy Factory, I wouldn’t have had the guts to start my own business,” started Irene. “Anne was really supportive and everyone at The Candy Factory was so welcoming.”
After working with several accounting firms, Irene started Bookkeeping N Beyond LLC. “I graduated from Central Penn with a Bachelor’s in Accounting. Thereafter, I worked with several CPA’s. Starting my own business has really given me the flexibility to work with a variety of small businesses,” said Irene.
When asked about coworking, Irene says the professional development opportunities are invaluable. “Collaborating with other local professionals is great. For instance, Member Austin Ginder of Anchor Development is building my website,” said Irene.
For more information about Irene and her business, please visit Bookkeeping N Beyond LLC.