Throughout her fifteen-year career in the community benefit sector, Kate Gallagher has worked for children and women’s advocacy, health & wellness initiatives, empowerment of underprivileged and underserved populations and education. From managing volunteers to overseeing national operations on multi-million dollar fundraising campaigns, she has a deep understanding of and proven experience in nearly every aspect of the sector.

With a strong focus on vision & mission alignment, collaboration and community impact, Kate has actively sought projects that involve both stand-alone and co-venture opportunities. When working with clients going through a strategic planning process, she believes organizations should come from a place of what is possible rather than focusing on what isn’t. This approach empowers organizations to successfully identify and tackle strategic priorities in both a high level and tactical way.

She has worked with local and national Community Benefit Organizations on strategic planning and mission execution. Kate received her Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from Regis University in Denver, Colorado and a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development & Family Studies from The Pennsylvania State University, in University Park, Pennsylvania.

What Coworking means to her: “The idea of bringing together – in a collaborative environment – a wide range of skills, interests and ideas is such a thoughtful and intentional way to make what could otherwise be mundane in a traditional office space into an interesting and enriching shared community workspace at the Candy Factory. We are so fortunate to have this in Lancaster!”

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