Jason is the pastor of Life Church, a “start-up” church which began in downtown Lancaster in the Spring of 2011. Life Church is passionate about cutting through religious baggage and talking about real life challenges that real people face. Life Church strives to help anyone and everyone find full life and true freedom. Over the years Jason has served in several roles in church work but loves to spend time working out how historic faith intersects with modern life.

His educational focus was in New Testament Studies, Koine Greek, and first century culture and inter-cultural studies. He loves hanging out with his family, reading, playing guitar, quality IPA’s, an occasional cigar, and keeping his hands from getting to soft by woodworking, getting dirty and being outdoors. Jason is also known to do a unnervingly accurate “Matt Foley” impersonation.

What does Coworking mean to him: “We have a very active and involved church community and as a pastor its easy to limit my social interaction to only the people who attend my church. And with 3 young kids – life is busy and social networking is limited. I love getting to know people who are outside of my normal social circles – Coworking allows me to meet people I would never have met otherwise. I’m lovin’ it.”

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