Jamy Kunjappu is a visualization artist who owns and operates enhance3D.com.

Jamy received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Shippensburg University with a concentration in graphic design. After graduation he chose a web design and development career where he worked with Fortune 500 firms around the country before settling into a long-term position in Harrisburg. There he spent 11 years working for JPL, one of the top branding and marketing companies in Central PA. Now he enjoys creating high quality custom renderings to help architects, builders, contractors and designers bring their creative ideas to visual reality for their clients.

In addition, Jamy also continues to design and develop websites when time allows. When he’s not creating renderings he enjoys spending time with his family, acrylic painting, hunting and fishing.

What Coworking means to him: A creative space. A community. Friends and being surrounded by talented people with different disciplines.

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