Written by Rose Luciano
Names hold power. For a long time, I’ve lived with names that have brought me nothing but pain and grief. For a long time, I was not only in an emotionally abusive relationship but I allowed many people in my life to define who I was.
Through a hard process, I have chosen to change my own name from Jennifer/Jenn to Rose. I want to share with you why I did this and hopefully help you to evolve and grow as you go through your own evolution.
I was unhappy with who I was. The names Jennifer and Jenn remind me that for a long time, I lived as if I was defined by all of that negativity. Jennifer was abused in many ways by many people and Jenn was hard, cold, and aggressive. I hated the woman she was and although I am thankful for where she has helped me to get to, I am ready to release her and evolve into a better version of myself.
It was necessary for me to change my name because I was tired of being defined by all of that negativity. It was when I found coworking and began to dive into self reflection that I realized that it was my middle name, Rose, that truly spoke to the positive things in my life. Rose is all that is, a warm loving person and embracing this name speaks to the forward direction that my life is headed in.
It wasn’t easy for me to accept this change. It took a lot of work to become comfortable with all that this change would mean. Now, I am inviting all that know me, whether they be coworkers, friends or family, to please refer to me as Rose from this point in my life, forward. If they cannot do this, I will be unable to hold space for them in my life.
Please know, the purpose behind this is two fold: to live out my own truth as well as offer others an opportunity to do the same for themselves. As I live out of my own #fulltank, I have learned this to be true: If you fill your heart, you will fuel your freedom.
I have filled my heart with all that is Rose. Now I am free. What do you need to fill your heart with?