Marquis Lupton is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Cultured Professional (TCP) Network and the Program Coordinator for the Crispus Attucks Community Center in Lancaster, PA.

The TCP Network is an independent multimedia network currently publishing thirteen shows through various online platforms. The network has a mission to showcase the voices of the disenfranchised and share the stories of marginalized people here in Central PA. They are telling the stories that would not otherwise be heard.

Marquis is the host of the flagship show called Hip Hop and Politics, where Marquis welcomes guests from both of those camps, like touring hip hop artists and the Mayor of Lancaster.

As the Program Coordinator of the Crispus Attucks Community Center, Marquis is helping that organization rebrand itself and reconnect with the Lancaster community. The center primarily serves people of color and Lancaster’s migrant population.

Marquis’ was born and raised here in Lancaster. He studied radio in his undergraduate program, followed by a master’s degree in television that landed him experience in production at CNN, and in the field as a news reporter for several TV stations around the Northeast. He returned to Lancaster a few years ago and launched the TCP Network.

TCP Network

Crispus Attucks Community Center

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