Today we welcome Lancaster Transplant founder Jocelyn Park and membership master Robert Diggs to the program. Lancaster Transplant is a local business with a social mission to help people who are new to the Lancaster area feel welcome in their new home.

Jocelyn is passionate about connecting with people and helping people connect with others. She founded the organization over six years ago with co-founder Diane Richards, when she was new to the area and was looking for ways to meet others to share her experiences.

Since that first gathering, a potluck dinner at a friend’s house, the organization has evolved over the years by opening up opportunities for trustees and paid memberships, like Robert Diggs, who was an early adopter and shortly thereafter became a part of the Lancaster Transplant leadership team. The leadership team has been an integral part of the organization as Jocelyn’s journey has recently taken her to Hummelstown, PA.


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