Gregory Tshudy is a personal trainer and the founder of EpitomeFIT, that offers a personalized holistic approach to getting in shape and reaching an optimal state of health and fitness. Gregory started out focusing on exercise but soon after discovered that there’s so much more to health than just exercise. He coaches his clients on other aspects of health like the impact of a good night’s sleep and what happens that quality sleep is hijacked by things like staring at a screen just before bed, an action that causes the body to generate cortisol. Excess cortisol in the body stores fat, which can cause weight gain, even while sleeping.

Gregory’s journey to starting EpitomeFIT comes from a lifelong quest to uncover what makes the human body tick and how humans can maximize their health. His experience comes from his own experiments, some in traditional health and wellness activities, and others that have been a bit more extreme like going off the grid for several months starting in the fall of 2018. He and his wife spent several months living in a tent, planting their own food and living off the land to determine what the impact would be on their own health.


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