Dr. Amanda Kemp is a racial justice and mindfulness mentor and the founder of Theatre for Transformation, a professional performing company that looks to heal the world through the performing arts. Years of intense racial justice advocacy and the need to take a break from touring her Theatre for Transformation productions led Amanda to mindfulness practices.

Amanda spent a few years working alongside one of her own racial justice mentors before deciding to become a mentor to others. Her work combines her lifelong experiences as an advocate for inclusion and equality along with the mindfulness and self care practices that give her the energy to continue that work. For Amanda, being a mentor to someone is a two-way relationship walking beside each other and working together. She promises to her clients to be honest about her own struggles and to constantly be learning.

Amanda offers a plethora of resources on her website for you to continue to learn and become involved with a growing movement of those who stand for justice, including a free mediation that we discuss on the show called Hold Space for Transformation.

Web: https://www.dramandakemp.com/
Web: https://theatrefortransformation.org/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/dramandakemp/
TW: https://twitter.com/Dramandakemp

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