Mike Brady and the Graphic Communications and Printing Technology Department at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. www.stevenscollege.edu

kxnsfR38pEif2dneWrjYlk6dCKBMthX_0wKm3inTyRMCheck out Mike Brady’s interview featured in Coworking Zine Issue 2.

Mike Brady is an instructor at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in the Graphic Communications and Printing Technology Department. He likes to tinker and figure things out – everything from figuring out how to craft a message or manage color on press. Finding that one missing piece that makes everything else function as it should is a rush for him. In his interaction with students, he does this everyday. He helps his students identify the gap of what’s happening compared to what should be happening. He gets to help create problem solvers.

Outside of the classroom, he’s often building forts and going to parks with his two sons and wife. He’ll never pass on a flea market.

The Graphic Communications and Printing Technology major is a two-year associates program that focuses on both design and print production. The diverse curriculum includes everything from graphic and web design to color management and commercial printing. The diversity allows students to find employment in various areas of industry. Our alumni work in the fields of design, email marketing, variable data, photo editing, screen printing, commercial printing and bindery. The program is about identifying what excites students, and encouraging and equipping them to go after it.

We wholeheartedly believe that learning comes from doing. It can be messy and difficult, but that is part of the process. The students spend more than four hours each day in the lab, which allows ample time for them to become immersed in a project. While each day starts with a discussion or lesson, the majority of the time is spent in the lab working on assignments that cover all aspects of design and print.