Community-driven workshop engages and attracts industry leaders within emerging markets. Drawn by the collaborative partnership, networking and professional and creative development opportunities, members can exchange skill sets, learn from one another and work together to foster their community.

Check out Action House’s interview featured in Coworking Zine Issue 2.

ActionHouse2“We needed a creative outlet,” admitted Julia Sentman, Action House founder. “We were the first coworking space in Heidelberg. Being the first brought us quite a bit of positive attention.”

Five years after their grand opening at their previous location, Action House recently opened a studio space. Currently, Action House’s 1,500 square foot facility and staff of 12 serves roughly 30 members. However, events attract anywhere from 6 to 120 attendees. Action House hosts a variety of courses, creative workshops, art exhibitions and concerts.

“The coworking space is used by people representing perhaps a dozen different small businesses or self-employed including teachers, musicians, urban developers, architects and people involved in other creative industries,” continued Julia.

“The attributes that make Action House special are the same attributes that make it hard to define or describe, even for our founding members,” said Julia. “Actively working in areas like art, culture, creativity, education, business, community building and social entrepreneurship makes us diverse and unique.”ActionHouse3

Action House’s ethics have attracted industry leaders and city officials interested in cultivating community spaces.

“Consider the following,” started Julia. “A successful business women takes a sewing course not because she wants to learn to sew — perhaps she already knows how. It’s not that she want to sew a specific article of clothing or handbag. It’s not about what she is creating in front of her; it’s about what Action House is creating within hear that draws us to her. She has the opportunity to rejuvenate from her soul-stealing 9-to-5 and find inspiration for new challenges and endeavors.”

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