During this month’s Coworking Space Spotlight, we’ve decided to showcase and discuss our own wonderful coworking space, Warehouse D!

Our newest location was created in response to Lancaster’s growing community of professionals and creatives. Thanks to this emerging growth, Warehouse D offers affordable and contemporary workspace for local businesses, start-ups and brands. Rooted within a vibrant community and centered within a thriving economy, we have created a dynamic and engaged community of professionals and creatives.DSC_0738

The 6,000 square foot, multi-level workspace supports three conference rooms; large communal workspace; full-service kitchenette; comfortable lounge areas; loft and spacious reserved desk seating.
A testament to the unique cultural and architectural facets of Lancaster Storage Co. building, current location of Warehouse D, our space serves as an excellent example of adaptive reuse – exposed copper piping, cement flooring and large wooden beams back dropped by a clean and modern aesthetic acknowledges early 20th century industrialism meets contemporary design.
“I’m blessed to be surrounded by such amazing talent each and every day,” said founder, Anne Kirby. “We’re not a rent-a-desk space, we are a community of professionals – small business owners, remote workers, nonprofits, students – who have come together to form a strong community that focuses on collaboration, sharing knowledge and building relationships.”
DSC_0713In partnership with Warehouse D, coLAB supports collaborative, thorough and thoughtful insight, planning and implementation for Community Benefit Organizations.
“coLAB will support and grow sustainable organizations while promoting collaborative partnerships,” said founder, Kate Gallagher. “Our hope is that many of the coLAB members will partner not just with each other, but with organizations within The Candy Factory, Warehouse D and community. We are dedicated to fostering growth during all stages of development and execution.”
Additionally, we’ll support a variety of community outreach events. Members of Lancaster’s Make717 and The North Museum and local artist, Ian Severson recently held an event during September’s First Friday.
“We’re happy to finally have a real venue space where we can provide more community outreach and events,” continued Anne. “The coworking movement is changing how and where people work. We’ve become more mobile, but we still crave community. Not everyone likes working from home, we’re a great alternative and we make going to work fun.”
Please contact us for more information regarding coworking in Lancaster!