As entrepreneurs, we’re routinely faced with challenges that inhibit the growth and evolutionary development of our business. Early startups are successful as the processes that they employ. As the company expands, it’s imperative that specific strategies are defined and correctly implemented. As such, startup incubators regularly leverage the coworking model, not only to monitor their investments, but to stimulate organic learning and collaboration among a community of like-minded professionals. Thinking about moving your startup, small business or venture to a coworking space? Here’s why the move makes sense:
Coworking spaces in urban settings are often the hub of activity. Impress potential clients with an innovative space centered in a downtown urban community.
Most coworking spaces are equipped with conference rooms, A/V equipment, IT support and wireless printers. The ease-of-access that these and other internal resources can provide will boost productivity, organization and workflow.
Spaces frequently host educational programs to help businesses grow. The Candy Factory offers a broad range of programming including lunch-and-learns, events and meetups. Members are encouraged to share their expertise, discuss key issues and learn from one another.
Coworking attracts a dynamic membership base of web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, marketers, accountants and more. Need a website? Looking for someone to handle your social media? Members can allocate their skills to accelerate problem solving and provide solutions.
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