I received a call yesterday from someone who is interested in starting a coworking space in a nearby town. They wanted to stop in and chat about what we’ve been doing over the last year at the Candy Factory, and how we got started, etc.

Some have asked me why I would allow my competitors to know my secrets. I mean, that’s not good business, right? But that’s what I love about the coworking movement. We’re not about pitting each other against each other. We’re about supporting each other and sharing information. We have our community within our space, but we also have the support of the larger coworking community and movement.

No two coworking spaces are the same, and each has its own personality that draws people in. Sometimes it’s a great match and other times it’s not. That’s the nature of it. So having other spaces nearby or even in the same city isn’t always an issue due to the different crowd each might draw.

Consequently, I was happy to setup a time to meet this person and forwarded them info about the Coworking Wiki page and Google Group that have been an invaluable resource over the past year.

It’s a pleasure to watch how some of the people I’ve spoken with over the last year have gone on to open successful spaces like Hive 4A in Allentown; they are evolving all the time and offer a great space for the Allentown business community.

It’s the collaboration and support from other spaces and leaders within the coworking community and its members that keep this movement growing. It’s exciting to be a part of!


Anne Kirby
Founding Member
The Candy Factory