At TCF, our culture is centered around our core values, prioritizing community, collaboration, accessibility, openness, and sustainability. Our amazing team goes above and beyond to ensure our members feel like family and are supported. We believe that by working together, we can achieve more than we ever could alone. We are truly better together. 

We spend so much time working together that we become like a second family to each other. The Candy Factory crew and our members work as a team to create the best possible experience for the entire community. That team-based approach helps us shape the experience and allows us to determine what new resources, services, and events we should offer.

Over the years, we have recognized the need to focus on mental health and wellness, especially with the rise of longer work hours, higher-stress work situations, and significant life shifts. We have intentionally offered resources to facilitate self-care in a work setting, so our members and team can be their best selves. A few ways we do this:


  • Our Meditation Room in the Studios is a peaceful space designed for quiet reflection. Equipped with a sound machine, Himalayan salt lamp, and massage chair, this room is perfect for recharging your batteries during a busy day.
  • Our Weekly Walk and Talks are another way we encourage our members to take a break from their screens and connect with others. These brisk 15-minute walks around Lancaster on Tuesdays and Thursdays allow our members to make new connections, enjoy some fresh air, and get those steps in!
  • We also hold various wellness workshops, including Qigong, a Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing control, and the power of inspiration. At The Candy Factory, we understand that caring for ourselves is not just limited to our physical health but also our mental health.
  • Socialization is another vital component of coworking. It allows our members to have a balanced life and improve their mental health. We offer weekly happy hours and member-run clubs that span from a wine club to women in coworking gatherings. By connecting with groups of similar interests, our members can step away from work and take intentional time to try new things.
  • Community is at our core – Our built-in community is always here to support each other and offer advice. Have a question or need? Ask our 300+ members on our Slack channel. They are so giving of their talents and knowledge! The peace of mind of knowing you have a community that has your back does so much for your overall health. 
  • We mix it up! Do you feel stressed about a deadline or need to establish a better workflow? Take a deep breath, we got you! We offer different work environments to meet the needs of each member, from a relaxed cafe to a quiet conference room. Mixing up your routine is a great way to keep things fresh, keep you on task, and reduce stress.

Prioritizing your mental and physical health helps prevent professional burnout, and it’s made easier with the right resources and a supportive community. That’s why we encourage you to come cowork with us. Schedule a tour today, and let us show you the many benefits of working as part of a team.

Meet the Author: Starr

Meet the Author: Starr

Studios Front Desk Admin. Asst. / Blogger

On weekends you can find Starr serving drafts at the Fridge or catching a movie at Zoetropolis. A fun fact about her is that she loves playing table top board games!