Interested in ditching your old internet provider for high speed and affordable connectivity? Over the next 18 months, LanCity Connect will begin to offer super-fast internet to neighborhoods within the City of Lancaster. A community-based broadband solution, LanCity Connect has partnered with the City of Lancaster to build and maintain a municipal broadband network for the City. The project will be implemented by MAW Communications, a facilities-based Pennsylvania Telecommunications Carrier.

How does it work?

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What’s the difference between fiber-to-the-home and traditional connectivity options?

“The current internet service providers (ISP) in the area use coaxial cable or copper wires which can degrade the connection brought into your home,” says LanCity Connect. A fiber-to-the-home network allows for the connection to not be distorted to the medium it travels through. Fiber optic networks are hundreds of times more reliable and have no limit as to how fast or how much bandwidth they can provide. They’re future proof.”

Interested in learning more?

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