It’s no secret we here at The Candy Factory LOVE our coffee… even on our slowest day, we can still manage to kill 3 full batches! Every morning we have the privilege of brewing our signature blend, the Bridge Mix crafted just for us by Gerhart Coffee, Lancaster’s oldest coffee roasters. About an hour later, without fail, the dreaded sound of the carafe rasping out its last few drops echoes through the main hall. Panic ensues if there is not a back-up pot standing at the ready. The tension in the air is heavy as everyone waits with bated breath the obligatory 5 minutes it takes to brew a fresh batch.  All this to say we take coffee drinking very seriously. So, when Michael White, sales director for Ultimo Coffee Roasters joined our community there was definitely some buzz. 

Ultimo Coffee is a Philadelphia-based coffee company founded by Aaron and Elizabeth Ultimo. “They met working in a DC coffee shop and then moved to Philadelphia to open their own. They opened a café in the Newbold neighborhood of South Philly in 2009.  Since first opening, Ultimo Coffee has been committed to brewing and serving the best coffee. 

In 2016, Ultimo Coffee Roasters sprang out of Ultimo Coffee.  With a roastery and lab also located in Newbold, Ultimo Coffee Roasters is now able to select and roast their favorite coffees. Ultimo Coffee was one of the first specialty coffee shops to open in Philadelphia, and it is now very proud and happy to be part of the vibrant and extensive coffee community that has since blossomed in the city.”

 Today Michael hosted a coffee tasting for members with 3 different Ultimo blends:

La Danta~ from Cajamarca – Peru with notes of Apple, Maple, Cocoa

Imperial ~ also from Cajamarca – Peru with notes of Toasted Walnut, Apple, Dark Chocolate

Matambo ~ from Huila – Colombia with notes of Tangerine, Cane Sugar, Browned Butter

After sampling, we gave members the chance to cast their votes for their favorite. The winner would be the newest addition to our daily coffee selection.  La Danta came out on top! If you didn’t get a chance to taste any of the coffees today, don’t worry! We will be hosting coffee tastings with Michael seasonally.

Did you know bottomless coffee is included in your Candy Factory membership? Caffeinated coworking at its finest☕️