The Candy Factory
The Candy Factory is a place full of opportunity. This is a space where people of all different professions and skill sets can work alongside each other to learn and grow their network. The Candy Factory currently has two locations, Lancaster and Lititz, allowing people a variety of places to work.
You might not have known but The Candy Factory is much more than just a coworking space. In addition to providing a space for small business owners to work and connect with others, The Candy Factory also has various projects that help to foster a sense of community.
Kick-Ass Female Entrepreneurs
One of TCF’s many projects includes a networking group for women entrepreneurs in the Lancaster area, also known as Kick-Ass Female Entrepreneurs. The purpose of this group is to bring women together to support each other in their entrepreneurial journey.
This is a group that meets monthly to discuss a variety of topics to cultivate a sense of community as well as provide knowledge, skills and advice. In addition to meetings the group also has retreats, workshops, fun events and more.
Perk Up & Co.
One of the newest additions to The Candy Factory is the Perk Up & Co cafe. This cafe is a place that is mindful of its carbon footprint. With paperless pay and environmentally friendly food containers, Perk Up & Co serves coffee with a conscience.
Right around the corner from The Candy Factory, the cafe is great place to pick up a coffee or a quick snack. And for an added bonus, with a purchase of $6 or more you can earn a free day pass to work at The Candy Factory.
The Sixth Floor
A unique addition to The Candy Factory is the new events & performance venue, The Sixth Floor. Located on, you guessed it, the sixth floor of The Candy Factory – this space has the potential to host a variety of different events from live music to comedy nights.