August 10, 2016 – York, Pennsylvania: Nuts About Granola® is proud to announce that their Forager® Original Nut & Seed granola will be available in the Costco Northeast Region on August 12, 2016.

After years of logistical planning, Forager® Original Nut & Seed will hit 89 Costco stores from Maine to Maryland and double the size of the company with the entry order alone.

“I cried when the order finally came through,” said Sarah Lanphier, CEO at Nuts About Granola. “You never know if these projects will ever come to fruition. This is a game changer for our company. We are putting all our resources into making this first order a success. It is a very exciting time around here!”

The product will be available in a 32oz. bag with a retail price of $10.99. The company has deployed a marketing campaign including a new website, strategic social media presence, influencer engagement and media outreach.

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About Nuts About Granola®

Nuts About Granola® was created by a mother and daughter who shared a passion for cooking together. As a student of Elizabethtown College and captain of the school’s triathlon team, Sarah decided to package and sell their granola on campus as a team fundraiser. Sarah’s entrepreneurial spirit and early success led the team to take steps toward building a legitimate business. Nuts About Granola® was incorporated in 2008.

Beyond our local success, Nuts About Granola® has partnered with Martha Stewart as a preferred product in her New York Cafe and was featured as the “Snack of the Day” on the Rachael Ray Show. Our granola is handcrafted, sourced organically and locally when available. Our quality ingredients are made without artificial chemicals, dyes or preservatives. Visit for more information.