Always something interesting going on here at The Candy Factory!

Monday, February 25th we will be hosting a meeting for anyone interested in learning more about the community hub we’re creating.

This meeting is for those who might need the following:

Office solutions for larger teams who might not fit in our open concept space, those in need of wellness space for businesses like a massage therapist, a counselor, and others who need private space to meet with clients. Community focused non-profits would also be an excellent fit for this new facility.

There will be room for medication, a media podcast room, two workshop/conference rooms, a gathering area, a lactation room for our moms onsite and so much more.

All members of The Candy Factory will have access to The Community Hub Campus. This project is currently in the planning phase with a potential opening date of May / June, just in time for Jelly Bellies our onsite childcare facility.

We look forward to hearing about your businesses/organizations and seeing if we might be a good fit for your needs.

Interested in membership now? Go here to schedule a tour today!