We’re very fortunate to call such a unique building home, but have you ever wonder what was here before The Candy Factory? I have, and with some digging on the internet I was able to unearth some of the history of our little corner of Lancaster. 

Now Russell Locksmith, this part of 342 N. Queen St. was the first piece in the expansive Lancaster Storage Company campus. Prior to Lancaster Storage Co. purchasing the property in 1919, the building served as the Washington House Inn from approx. 1887 to 1892. There are records of this land’s use that date back as far as 1799 where it began as residency and later transitioned into lodging accommodations.

The iconic archway you are likely to pass through should you come off of north Queen St. served as the wagon entrance. There was even a barn onsite to shelter and feed the horses who had brought the travelers.

The Candy Factory’s tower was originally built in 1930 by Lancaster Storage Company. In 1931 Lancaster Storage Co. joined forces with Aero Mayflower Transit Co. to expand its offerings to long-distance moving, merchandise distribution, and packing. Our main hall was most likely used as a furniture warehouse facility that was built in 1920 also by Lancaster Storage Co.

The Tobacco Warehouses (built in the 1880s) pictured to the left and the last surviving one pictured above in 1996 were another part of Lancaster Storage Co. before inevitably being torn down to make way for the CVS in 1997.


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