*** This episode was recorded virtually using Zoom while respecting the call for social distancing to combat the coronavirus outbreak. We hope you enjoy the show as a respite from whatever this global health crisis is forcing you to deal with. We will continue to record and publish the show as long as we are able. ***

Jason and Diggs virtually welcome Anna Tran, a freelance podcast producer and sound designer, to this episode of The Candy Factory 5BY5 Podcast!

(Welcome to Anna, who is now part of The Candy Factory Media Network as an editor and production assistant!!!)

We chat for five minutes about five random topics that are presented to us by our good friend, Jason’s iPad. We’re constantly adding new topics to the list, if you have any suggestions, let us know! Sometimes serious, sometimes witty, and sometimes even entertaining(!), nobody knows where the conversation will go until it unfolds in the moment.

Most embarrassing “walked into something” moment
Grey’s Anatomy
Favorite Sport
Alternative Milk

Here are some links we thought would be cool to include based on our conversation!
Gray’s Anatomy (the book) | Grey’s Anatomy (the show)
Shipping (fandom)
Herve Villechaize / Fantasy Island opening scene
“We talking ‘bout practice?”
Word Processor
“Everything You Need to Know About Vegan Milk”, by Amy Magill for VegNews
Pandemic vs. Epidemic


The Candy Factory 5BY5 Podcast is produced by Jason Mundok and Robert Diggs at The Candy Factory. Editing and additional production provided by Anna Tran. Music composed and recorded by (a really cool guy named) Jon Chinn (BKLYN). Email do@thesweetcore.com if you have comments, questions, or feedback about the show. We’d love to hear from you!

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