A new study focused on presenting coworking as a “complex social phenomenon that can be differentiated from other spatial concepts that relate to work, learning and social interactions” appeals largely to an academic audience. For the rest of us, here’s a quick takeaway:

1) We’re Changing How We Work
Today, nearly 53 million Americans (34% of the workforce) currently operate as independent workers and freelancers. Disillusioned by the 9-to-5, more and more turn freelance as they cultivate innovative products and services, develop businesses, and contribute to the socio-economic global landscape. As the freelance economy grows, so will spaces that serve them.

2) Identity Matters
Coworking offers a particular aesthetic unique to the traditional work environment. Within the past year, The Candy Factory has engaged with a number of nationally-based coworking spaces including MAKERS, Fellow and CityCoHo. Each space offers a distinct style rooted in the creative vision of their founders and community members.

3) Coworking Is Here To Say
The study traces the coworking movement to as far back as 2005. 16 years later, coworking accounts for nearly 7,800 spaces and 510,000 coworkers worldwide. In a 2015 study, DeskMag suggests that this growth is exponential.

“The number of coworking spaces is growing worldwide. However, the market for them does not seem to be oversaturated,” reports DeskMag.

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