One of our members, J. Luis Quinones, has shared with us how coworking has helped him flourish and thrive!

Before I joined The Candy Factory, I met with clients in coffee shops. I spent lots of money on fancy drinks, dealt with unreliable WiFi, and finding a decent table to meet with clients was a hustle. I also didn’t feel any support from other freelancers in the coffee shop. I felt alone in a space that didn’t have much privacy. A friend told me about The Candy Factory, but I didn’t think my business was big enough to be part of a #coworking space. I took a tour of the place and I fell in love.

I now have a solid business address, a handful of clients, and I have access to bottomless coffee, business-grade WiFi, and cozy conference rooms. But the greatest reward of all is the relationships I’ve built with #coworkers and clients. Earlier this week, a client gave me a card and a hug. These are the values that make businesses grow. 

I would recommend The Candy Factory to all my friends. I always say that it doesn’t matter what you do for a living—a #coworking space will inspire creativity.


J. Luis Quinones
342 North Queen Street, Rear
Lancaster, PA 17603
Photographer, Accountant, Event Venue Rentals, Art Curator, and Consultant. College Student.

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