We’re excited to announce that The Candy Factory is growing!

We’re in the process of developing a new and exciting coworking space here in the city that will focus on business development, startups, makers and more. Everything our members have come to expect from us but now with even more space and resources.

This new space will allow for more community outreach, workshops, classes, lectures, art and music events along with providing a high tech, professional work space for businesses, freelancers, non profits, students and more.

We want to thank all our great members, local businesses, organizations and friends who have supported this community and have helped facilitate its growth.

Interested in learning more about coworking and how it can help your business? Feel free to send us a message and we’ll be happy to fill you in on the benefits of this wonderful community.

photo credit | Merle Fisher

About The Author

Anne loves all things design — from websites and online marketing to logos and beautiful print pieces. As a world-renowned multi-tasker, she is also the owner of the sweet core and founding member of The Candy Factory, Lancaster’s super amazing coworking space and home to over 85 coworkers. When she's not busy working she's singing in the band Here Inside. Building a strong downtown business community is her mission and coworking is her passion!

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