Who is Sean Hennessey? We asked and he answered!

“I was on MTV Silent Library Season 1 – Episode 4.

I was in a metal band for over 2 years where I got to
tour and play almost every state twice, and recorded in
the same studio that Rihanna and other notable acts
had recorded in.

Currently play in a mostly instrumental band called
“Bells”. I engineered, produced, and designed our album
artwork for our first album, which has found it’s way
to over 18 countries.

I have been skateboarding for over 14 years, once rode for a team.

Ask me to do any of these things and I will happily join
you: Motorbiking, bicycling, rock climbing, soccer,
hang gliding, cliff jumping.

I have always been a person who has liked to draw,
design, and build things. I got specifically into web design when I was designated “clan leader” of a group for this
old video game called “Age of Empires”. At some point I
thought it would be fun to make our clan a website.

MajorMega is a company I started with Mike on what is now coming up on a year. This first year as a business has proven to be some of the most growing parts of my life. It started with the two of us exiting a previous agency we both worked at, leaving in search to start a business we’ve always dreamt of working for. Well, a year has gone by and we’ve have had the honor of working with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. We are currently immersed with interactive wizardry, but constantly evolving shaping our
business to be part of carving out the future. “

About The Author

Anne Kirby started her first design and marketing company in 1999. After feeling the effects of social isolation, she acknowledged the need for a collaborative community and started a social networking group called The Creative House of Lancaster in 2007. Anne founded her thriving coworking space, The Candy Factory, in 2010 after identifying the need amongst members for a shared collaborative workspace. Eventually moving into a larger space in 2014, the Candy Factory inhabits 14,000 square feet of space in the historic Lancaster Storage Company. Anne also opened Rock Candy, a second location coworking space at POD 2 on the Rock Lititz Campus in January of 2017. The Candy Factory and Rock Candy serve as coworking communities which provide professional yet relaxed work environments for people looking for creative, affordable ways to work. Her coworking spaces focuses on connecting members and building relationships while providing the means to grow personally and professionally. Additionally, Anne recently opened a social enterprise cafe called Perkup & Co. which employs disadvantaged city youth in collaboration with The Mix at Arbor Place. As well as running these three companies, Anne also facilitates an all women’s group called Kick-Ass Female Entrepreneurs and manages an online promotional platform called DO. that looks to connect Lancaster, York and Harrisburg businesses. Anne actively speaks locally to organizations like SCORE, Cultivate Lancaster, and others on the topic of coworking and cultivating community. Building a strong downtown business community is her mission and coworking is her passion!

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